TEAM MACHO | Fancy Action Now: The Art of Team Macho
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Fancy Action Now: The Art of Team Macho

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Have you read the first monograph from emerging Canadian art collective Team Macho?
With a penchant for humble, unconventional materials like dollar-store watercolours and thrift-shop frames, Team Macho’s work conveys a decidedly unorthodox and individual approach. In a unique attitude toward collaboration, the group cultivates a highly competitive spirit, where the very nature of their alliance revolves around thwarting and subverting each other’s contributions.

In their first two exhibitions at Magic Pony, Friends 4 Life (June 2005) and Team Macho is a Tough Man (May 2006), Team Macho established the key elements of their artistic process- camaraderie, geeky bravado and the creation of a personal culture laden with absurdity, inside jokes and well-meaning antagonism toward one another. Fancy Action Now showcases their most cohesive and dynamic work to date, as Team Macho explores some new pursuits with reckless enthusiasm: sabotage, fluorescence, racquetry, and most importantly, fanciness. With a cavalcade of new characters- Whiskey Boot, nude sportsmen, wistful lads and melancholy ladies; rainbow-coloured Fancy Action Now unleashes Team Macho’s true pansy awesomeness.

Introduction by Paul Dallas and interview with Gary Taxali.
Softcover. 140 pages. Full colour.






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